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Instructions and Help about af form 1206 for mac

Hey everyone I'm airman first class I'm Helen Rosario with your look around the Air Force it's a big change for cadets attending the air universities officer training school or OTS OTS now requires attendees complete web-based prerequisite courses before arrival the online courses replace hours of mass lectures that covered basic subjects bring up more time for cadets to focus on hands-on experiential training they also introduced a new fitness program that creates personal workout regimens for cadet struggling with physical training promoting lifelong fitness the Air Force is looking for retired officers the voluntary retired return to active duty or V rad program was created to help alleviate Manning shortages within the Air Force rated community rated officers with Air Force specialty codes 11x pilot 12 x combat systems officer or 13b air battle manager are encouraged to apply for v rad applicants must be medically qualified for active duty and I've served in a rated staff position within 15 years or been qualified in an Air Force aircraft within 10 years of application for flying positions a FPC will accept applications for the program until December 31st 2021 or until all openings are filled whichever comes first for additional information and eligibility requirements see the V rad page of the AF PC public web site Airmen can now search a single database for all Air Force Special trophies and awards the Air Force personnel center created the database blending more than 30 award related Air Force instructions and 700 functional Awards the database allows leaders to dive deep into their awards programs that directly pertain to their organization for more news and other Air Force stories head over to AF dot mil and that's your look around the Air Force Music you.