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Af 1206 bullet examples Form: What You Should Know

This gives it a sense of weight andĀ  transparency. The Air Staff, for example, may wish to emphasize the impact of the actions of a major commander on theĀ  Air Force as a whole, while the same commander might, however, want to emphasize his or her own impact. The statement should be brief enough inĀ  character to be read by any staff member but still give the reader an adequate understanding of theĀ  action. Each bullet statement should be a separate section of an AF Form 1206. As with the OR, the statement to be given with each item (other than the AF Form 1206) should be given in itsĀ  own section; that is, it should not appear in an item marked with an AF Form 1206. For Example, Consider: What did you accomplish? What impact did your action have? The statements given with a bullet statement must appear in a given section. In some cases, though, a single statement inĀ  the bullet statement is necessary; these cases are indicated by arrows. The section with this bullet statement is... General Purpose Statement (GMES) AF Form 1206, General Purpose Statement Example:Ā TheĀ  AF Form 1206, General Purpose Statement Bullet Statement: The general purpose statement provides the Air ForceĀ  with a single example that summarizes his or her accomplishments over the period in which he or sheĀ  has served as the Air Force's General Duty Officer (GO). The GMES is oftenĀ  written by the recipient of the Award, with input from the recipient's representative on theĀ  Award Committee. AF Form 1206, General Purpose Statement In the example given above, there isĀ  no longer any need for a General Duty Officers (GO) bullet statement. This bullet statement has beenĀ  written for example, by the author as a reference only.

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