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Air force quarterly awards timeline Form: What You Should Know

CYA Yearly EMT Achievement AFI EMT 31-261822 CYA 30-271323 March 7?MAY CYA 30CYY4 CYA 28CY4 CYA 27AETC CYA 26-141025 January 25 CYA 24-141006 May 20 CYA 23-130117 March 31 CYA 22-140723 May 28 CYA 21-129125 May 12 CYA 20-105917 June 15 CYM 21-091621 May 4 CYA 20-090725 March 17 CYA 19-082821 April 1 CYA 18-067122 June 16 CYA 17-070203 March 30 CYA 16CY4 CYA 15-064205 June 21 October  Airmen with 4th-quarter EMT awards must complete the 4th Quarter EMT Achievement and Achievement-in-Training sections on the second page of the Form 20-1206. AF Form 1206  2afa36-4605.pdf — Air Force — AF.mil May 4, 2024 — Monthly, quarterly and annual awards: Submit all quarterly and annual submissions via email to awards AF.mil.  (The Form 20-1206 must be submitted prior to a quarterly or annual award and must include a full and complete title statement. AAF Form 1206 may be viewed at AF.mil and downloaded here  1st Quarter Award Timelines — Mentor Jun 30, 2020— AFFIRMATIVE BRIEFINGS — Monthly and Form 20-1206 EMT and Recognition Biannual Awards Biannual EMT Awards Biannual Recognition Awards Sep 30, 2022— AAF Form 1306 is retired, effective Oct 4, 2022. Award Timelines will be set on AF Form 1206. Refer to Form 20-1206 for EMT monthly, annual and annual award forms. AF Form 1206 June 4, 2020— Monthly, quarterly and annual awards: Submit all quarterly and annual submissions via email to awards AF.mil.  The Form 20-1206 must be submitted prior to a quarterly or annual award and must include a full and complete title statement.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Air force quarterly awards timeline

Instructions and Help about Air force quarterly awards timeline

P>You too, what's going on with you guys? Welcome back to the channel. I'm really pumped up and excited to share this information with you guys. Now, as you already know, I'm stationed somewhere and I'm not just a regular Airmen. I take chances, take risks, and do different things to make myself look good. And guess what? I received the Hard Charger of the month award for the month of November! So, I'm really excited and pumped up. Let's not waste any more time, I'll talk after I show you guys what I received. So, let's see the package that I received for the month of November. Alright, so you guys can see the coin, right? I received it in a ceremony where majority of the CII was present. I shook hands with the colonel, the leader in charge of the top four. It's a great organization and a great award for me. It was just really refreshing to see that the hard work I've been putting in is paying off. I've been coming out strong and learning my job. Figuring out the different things about the job has been a challenge, especially because what I learned in tech school does not transfer to this base. But, I'm understanding and trying to stack on the information. I've been asking a lot of questions, which definitely helped me win this award. But you know, after this award, I might become a collector. I'm not sure yet. Maybe I'll need to get some kind of fixture or something for the wall. We'll get into that later. I don't want to jinx myself, but I'm up for another award, so we'll see. And maybe I'll become a collector, who knows? For now, I just want to put this award on the wall, in a...